Toll roads in New Zealand
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There are three toll roads in New Zealand which are:

  • The Northern Gateway Toll Road. This toll road is electronic, and you will not need to stop to pay the toll. Camera’s operated at the toll road will pick up your registration automatically.

  • Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road. This toll road runs between the Domain Road Interchange and the Paengaroa roundabout.

  • Takitimu Drive Toll Road. This is a 5km road that bypasses Tauranga city centre.

How do I pay for the toll road?

  • Please do not pay for any tolls yourself as you risk being charged twice

  • If you travel on a Toll Road or incur any tolls, JUCY will charge any tolls and fees to your nominated Credit Card. You will also be charged a service fee of $3.45 each time your vehicle incurs a Toll.

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