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Condo | My gas cooker is not working
Condo | My gas cooker is not working
Updated over a week ago

The JUCY Condo is equipped with a two-burner gas cooker and gas bottler. The gas bottle should be full on pick up and ready to go.

To use the cooker, simply open the gas valve on the bottle and press the ignitor on the cooker. Gas bottles can easily be refilled at most petrol stations. Please ensure the gas bottle valve is closed when not in use.

Troubleshooting: My gas cooker is not working

  • Check the gas bottle is full. If you’ve run out (or if we’ve missed refilling it, our sincere apologies as this can happy from time to time), please refill it at a gas refill station and try to use the cooker again.

  • If the bottle is full, check the gas valve is open to allow gas through to the cooker. If you have tried this once and it does not work. Wait a minute or two, then open the tap again slowly.

  • Still not working? If you can smell gas but the cooker will not ignite, you can use a match instead to try and light this.

If the above fails, you can buy a portable gas cooker to the value of $100. Please note: This must be used outside of the vehicle. Please keep the receipt and will reimburse you when you drop off the vehicle.

If you want to discuss the issue further with us, please contact us.

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