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Crib | My fridge is not working
Crib | My fridge is not working
Updated over a week ago

The JUCY Crib is equipped with an 18 litre compressor fridge. The fridge life is three hours for every hour of driving and will last eight hours when fully charged.

The ideal fridge setting should be as below:

  • Set the dial (found on the side of the fridge) to “low” as the high setting requires a fully charged domestic battery to operate and become colder faster.

  • Change the setting to sit in the middle of the cold/freeze setting.

  • The white edges of the freezer will sometimes freeze, if this happens, turn the fridge temperature to a warmer setting.


  • If there is an error light consistently flashing, it is possible there is a connection issue with the battery. If this is happening, please contact us.

  • If you’re unable to get the fridge cold, it can be used as an esky/cooler. You’ll just need to fill the fridge with ice to keep it cold. We can reimburse for any ice you buy – just keep the receipts and we’ll refund you on drop off.

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