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Chaser | My fridge is not working
Chaser | My fridge is not working
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The JUCY Chaser is equipped with a built-in 80L compressor fridge. It is located in your campervan kitchen. The fridge is powered by either the domestic battery or when plugged in at your campsite. Upon pick up, your fridge should be powered on and ready to go. Please note, it can take up to 3 hours (after driving) for the fridge to reach cool temperature.

Troubleshooting: My fridge isn’t working

  1. Check that the fridge switch is on. You can find this on the main switchboard.

  2. Check that the panel inside the fridge is lit up and on.

  3. Check the battery level. If there is a red light that flashes more than once every five seconds, this may mean the voltage is low. You’ll need to drive the vehicle for more than two hours to charge the domestic battery, or you will need to plug in to a powered campsite.

  4. If there is no error light and the fridge is still not working, try checking behind the fridge switch on the main switch board to see if the fuse has blown.

Main switchboard

Panel inside fridge

Changing a fuse

Please follow these safety measures for checking the fuse:

  • Turn engine off

  • Unplug from external power sources

See below:

How to Replace Your Car's Fuse Box | YourMechanic Advice

If the fuse has blown, you can replace the fuse at a petrol station or hardware store. Please keep the receipt so we can refund you on drop off.

If you don’t feel comfortable checking the fuse, that’s ok! Just give us a call and we’ll help you out.

If you continue having trouble, please contact us.

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