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Campervan power | I don’t have power in my campervan (12V & 240v)
Campervan power | I don’t have power in my campervan (12V & 240v)
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All our vehicles have a 12v battery, what we call a “House” or “Domestic” battery. Many of our vehicles also have 240v power which can be accessed by plugging into a powered campsite.

The below vehicles do not have 240v power and only run off 12v:

  • Crib

  • Crib +

  • Compass

  • Coaster


This is standard electricity that powers your outlets at home. For the power outlets to work in your vehicle, you will need to be plugged into a powered campsite with the 240v cable provided. Once plugged in, you can charge your devices, boil your kettle, and more.


This is the form of electricity supplied by the “House” or “Domestic” battery. The house battery is charged by driving your vehicle or by being plugged into a powered campsite on 240v power (if available in your vehicle). Our Crib, Crib +, Compass, and Coaster do not have 240v power, so the house battery is only charged by driving the vehicle.


I am plugged into 240v power with my cable and nothing works:

  • Firstly, check with the campground if you can test your 240v cable on another site’s outlet. This will determine whether the fault is with the site, or the vehicle.

  • If trying another site doesn’t work, check if the campground has a spare 240v cable and try this. This will determine if it’s an issue with the cable . If the spare cable does work, we authorise you to buy a new cable up to $150. Keep the receipt and we can refund you on drop off.

  • If there are still issues with the 240v power once all the above has been tested, please contact us.

I am not connected to power, and nothing is working:

  • You need to be plugged into 240v power for any of the power outlets to work. Crib, Crib+, Compass, and Coaster do not have 240v power.

  • If you are not connected to power or your vehicle does not have 240v, it might be that the battery isn’t charged enough. The vehicle needs at least 3 good few hours driving a day for the house battery to be charged.

  • If you have 240v, plug it in and give the vehicle overnight to fully charged.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us.

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