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My vehicle needs repairs
My vehicle needs repairs
Updated over a week ago

JUCY and Star RV vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the road, but issues do happen occasionally, and we are here to help when they do.

In the event you experience issues with your vehicle, you need to contact our team within 24 hours . If you have experienced a major issue or have broken down, please call us rather than emailing or messaging us. Our contact details are below:

JUCY NZ: 0800 399 736

JUCY AU: 1800 150 850

Star RV NZ: 0800 500 078

Star RV AU: 1800 875 018

Minor repairs, up to the value of $100, can be done without authorisation from JUCY or Star RV. You must present the invoice / receipt for this repair upon return of the vehicle for this to be refunded to you.

Still having trouble? Please contact us.

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