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I have a chip/crack in my windscreen
I have a chip/crack in my windscreen
Updated over a week ago

Chips are extremely common on the road and many of the calls we receive are due to a stone flicking up from the road and chipping the windscreen of your vehicle.

Chip in your windscreen:

It’s safe to continue your trip with a small chip on your windscreen. Please let us know about the chip either by email or by telling the branch on drop off so we can have this fixed before going out on the road again.

Crack in your windscreen:

Please give us call if you have a crack in the windscreen, or if a chip has turned into a crack, and we will organise for this to be fixed. Cracks can create blind spots while driving, so for your safety, and the safety of your passengers, we will help you get the crack fixed or the windscreen replaced as soon as possible.

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