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Can I use an international driver’s licence?
Can I use an international driver’s licence?
Updated over a week ago

JUCY accepts drivers 18 years and over who hold:

  • A Full Driver Licence in English

  • A Restricted NZ Licence or Australian Green P (P2) Licence. Please check out our terms and conditions for more information. We do NOT accept Learner Licences or any probationary Licences, including a Red P Plate or a P1 Licence.

  • We only accept NZ-issued temporary licences. This needs to be accompanied by another form of photo ID.

  • If the licence is not in English, you will need an International Driver’s Permit or a Certified Translation of your Driver’s Licence. This must accompany the original home country driver’s licence.

  • It is a legal requirement in New Zealand that you produce a driver’s licence in English when renting your vehicle. We have teamed up with the crew at Language Links to get this sorted for you, and they can translate your licence at a specially discounted price.

  • For drivers between 18-20, an underage driver surcharge of $5 a day will apply for rentals on cars and will be quoted at the time of booking.

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